Cicero Creek & Morse Reservoir Region

This region includes the subwatersheds of Cicero Creek and Morse Reservoir. It is home to Cicero, Tipton, Sheridan and the northwest corner of Noblesville. According to the 2020 US Census Bureau, this region had a total population of 41,747. Among the residents, 91% identify as White, 1% as Black, 4% as Hispanic, and 10% as a person of color.

Notable employers include Beck’s Hybrids, Sheridan Community Schools, Butterfield Foods, and Reynolds Farm Equipment.

Significant water usage in the region is primarily associated with public water supply systems such as Citizens Energy Group and Tipton Municipal Utilities. Additionally, irrigation for entities such as Beck’s Superior Hybrids, Brehob Nursery Incorporated, and Harbor Trees Golf Club contribute to water usage in the region. Assessments in the region revealed that 100% of evaluated waterways do not meet State water quality standards. This highlights the urgent need for water quality improvement efforts to restore the health of the waterways.

Regarding land use, open water constitutes 1.1% of the region’s land area. Developed land comprises 11.3%, while natural land (forest, wetlands, shrubland) covers 6.0%. The majority of the land, approximately 81.6%, is utilized for agricultural purposes, reflecting the significance of agriculture in the region’s economy and landscape.

This region has an overall score of 54%, a C.

Photo Credit: Mike Berry

By category, the region has a B (68%) in Community, C- (41%) in Land, and C (48%) in Water. The lowest scoring indicators are Tree Canopy with an F Wetland Change with a D. The highest scoring indicators are Education and Voter Participation, both with an A.

Highest Scores: Education, Voter Participation

Lowest Scores: Tree Canopy, Wetland Change