You Can Help.

While the overall watershed health grade is an underwhelming C, there are many opportunities for individual citizens, landowners, farmers, business owners, industry leaders, utility managers, community leaders, and public officials to help raise that grade.

Here are some places to start:

  • Make small, but impactful choices at home or work
  • Help sample water to find pollution hot spots
  • Learn more about the White River
  • Explore changing live river conditions
  • Discover and share things to do on, along, or around the river
  • Participate in the Indiana Water Summit & it’s Working Group
  • Register to Vote

Our report card has some concerning D and F grades that warrant our collective, prioritized attention.  It is important to focus on strategies to improve these bad grades in the near term, especially since they are indicators that impact human health, create risks, and limit our potential and sustainability as a region.

The indicators that demand them most immediate action include:

Wetland Change (historic and ongoing wetland loss)

Bacteria in our Water

Environmental Burden

Raising our grades requires an informed and participating public to help drive change. For this reason, increasing voter participation remains an important strategy in protecting our watershed.

There Are Resources Available.

NRCS Farm Bill Programs & Assistance

Indiana Finance Authority Grant & Loan Programs

IDEM 319 Watershed Management Program

IDNR Lake and River Enhancement Program

IASWCD Clean Water Indiana Program

NFWF Five Star and Urban Waters Restoration Program

IDNR Next Level Trails Program

More coming soon!