Eagle Creek & Eagle Creek Reservoir Region

This region includes the subwatershed of Eagle Creek along with Eagle Creek Reservoir. It is home to Zionville, Speedway, Whitestown, and northwestern Indianapolis. According to the 2020 US Census Bureau, The region had a total population of 241,274. Among the residents, 49% identify as White, 29% as Black, 17% as Hispanic, and 53% as a person of color. The region reflects a diverse demographic composition.

Notable employers include Allison Transmission Inc, Amazon Fulfillment Center, and Corteva Agriscience.

Significant water usage in the region is primarily associated with public water supply systems such as Citizens Energy Group and the Town of Speedway. Additionally, industrial water users like Rolls Royce Corporation and Coca Cola Refreshments USA, Inc. contribute to significant water usage in the region. Assessments revealed that 85% of evaluated waterways do not meet State water quality standards.

Open water covers 1.7% of the region’s land area, while developed land, including urban and residential areas, accounts for 38.1%. Natural land (forest, wetlands, shrubland) comprises 10.7%, and approximately 49.6% of the land is utilized for agricultural purposes.

This region has an overall score of 53%, a C.

Photo Credit: Jacob Brinkman

By category, the region has a C- (41%) in Community, C (50%) in Land, and B (68%) in Water. The lowest scoring indicators are Wetland Change and Environmental Burden, both failing (F). The highest scoring indicators are Sediment (amount in the water) with an A- and Wildlife Diversity with a B+.

Highest Scores: Sediment, Wildlife Diversity

Lowest Scores: Wetland Change, Environmental Burden