Upper Fall Creek & Geist Reservoir Region

This region includes Upper Fall Creek and Geist Reservoir. These water bodies play a significant role in the overall hydrological system and provide recreational opportunities for the region. It is home to Pendleton, McCordsville, Ingalls, and the southern half of Anderson. As per the 2020 US Census Bureau, this region had a total population of 99,326. Among the residents, 82% identify as White, 8% as Black, 4% as Hispanic, and 19% as a person of color.

This region’s largest employers include Carter Express Inc., Correctional Industrial Facility, and Hy-Pro Filtration.

Significant water usage in the region is primarily associated with industrial activities, including Irving Materials, Inc (IMI). Additional major users are public water supply systems such as Ingalls Water Department, Pendleton Municipal Water Utilities, and the Town of Fortville serving the water needs of the local communities. Stream assessments indicate that 73% of evaluated waterways do not meet State water quality standards.

Regarding land use, open water constitutes 1.6% of the region’s land area. Developed land comprises 19.5%, while natural land (forest, wetlands, shrubland) covers 10.3%. A significant portion of the land, approximately 68.6%, is utilized for agricultural purposes.

This region has an overall score of 50%, a C.

By category, the region has a B- (61%) in Community, D+ (38%) in Land, and C (52%) in Water. The lowest scoring indicators are Wetland Change with an F and Tree Canopy and Parks & Trails with a D. The highest scoring indicators are Education with an A- and Voter Participation with a B.

Highest Scores: Education, Voter Participation

Lowest Scores: Wetland Change, Tree Canopy, & Parks & Trails